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Donelli Alexo, part of the Donelli Group (established in 1911), is dedicated to meeting the most demanding anticorrosion, fireproofing and insulation needs of energy, petrochemical and chemical facilities onshore and offshore;
Throughout the years, Donelli Alexo has developed extensive experience in coating and lining of valves, heat exchangers (Sakaphen licensee and Heresite applicator) and fittings. The reliability of the applications is also a result of running efficient and modern facilities, which have obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2017;
Most coating applications are carried out two state-of-the-art painting facilities:

  • Cuggiono facility, located 20 [km] North of Milan on the A4 Milan-Turin highway, nearby Malpensa International Airport. The facility’s total area consists of more than 20.000 [m2], of which 8.000 [m2]are closed shops(1.500 [m2]completed in 2016 high-quality corrosion protection is guaranteed by three blasting cabinet, one automatic blasting unit, five closed and heated spraying boots, a large oven for heat-curing at temperatures up to 300°C and a laboratory under continuous upgrade;

  • Voghera facility, located 50 [km] South of Milan on the A7 Milan-Genoa and A21 Turin-Piacenza highways. The facility’s total area consists of 5.000 [m2], of which 2.500 [m2]are closed shops. An high-quality corrosion protection is guaranteed by one blasting cabinet, two closed and heated spraying boots and two large ovens for heat-curing at temperatures up to 300 [°C];

All applications are carried out in strict compliance with clients' specifications by a UNI EN ISO 9001and ISO 14001 certified company, with experienced and trained personnel, certified NACE/FROSIO inspectors and the most reliable inspection tools available in the industry. This ensures schedule fulfilment, and that projects meet environmental, qualitative and safety standards.


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