Do It Yourself Coil Protection Kit

Blygold has developed a Do-It-Yourself kit for the anticorrosion protection of domestic coils

Climate installations in buildings are continuously exposed to pollution,
corrosion and other forms of contamination. The aim of climate control installations is to create optimal indoor climate conditions. Maintenance is necessary to prevent the installation from becoming a source of contamination. Preventive measures will reduce or even prevent contamination, corrosion and the increase of energy consumption. Cleaning and disinfecting climate installations is necessary to reduce complaints by the occupants.

Why do it yourself?

  • to maintain the cooling capacity
  • to control energy consumption
  • to extend the lifetime of the heat exchanger

Blygold offers a complete do-it-yourself product range for climate control installations. Blygold-treated climate control installations are easy to maintain with Blygold do-it-yourself products. Blygold do-it-yourself cleaning and disinfecting products are designed specifically for the various components of the climate installation. By regular use of these non-aggressive products during your hvac equipment, a clean and hygienic surface will be assured.

Product: Coil Protection Kit
Description: Do it your self kit for cleaning & corrosion protection of split unit air conditioning.
Packing: Kit containing two products able to cover 0.75 m2 surface area
Classification: Flammable
Application: See product information

Technical data

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    Coil Protection Kit is comprehensive and easy to use
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    Coil Protection Kit includes C-Clean and C-Blue
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    C-Clean: developed to properly clean and degrease the coil
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    C-Blue: developed to protect against corrosion and improve quality of air

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