Passive fire proofing

Passive fire proofing means increased safety

Design and engineering
Nowhere the correct application procedure and choice of the material is of paramount importance as in the fireproofing, where personal and plants safety is involved.
We can offer a full line of applied products and technologies for the passive fire protection of steel, wood and cement structures, and the increase of their fire resistance rating.
Our technical staff of engineers can design and certify according to the Italian Rule 818/1984 and D.M. 4.5.1998 both the section and required thickness of the material, and the correctness of the application.
We also can solve any kind of segregation problem with fire barriers, bags, penetration seals etc…

Systems and Materials
The general type of systems and products we can supply and install are:

  • Intumescent
  • Subliming
  • Cement based inorganic
  • Calcium Silicate and other incombustible panels

We apply subliming coatings for fire protection of LPG spheres and vessels and fireproofing in Hydrocarbon and off-shore environments.
We apply intumescent paints to satisfy both ISO 834, and Hydrocarbon Fire Curve requirements.
We have also a broad experience in application of cement based mortars both over steel and over pre-cast concrete.
All the above mentioned works can be fulfilled both in the maintenance and new erection of industrial plants and commercial buildings.

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    Passive fire proofing of LPG sphere
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    Passive fire proofing system with reinforcing mesh
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    Passive fire proofing application
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    Passive fire proofing + insulation system on a vessel

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