Metaline - Erosion and abrasion protection

Metaline - Erosion and abrasion protection

We have hosted at our Donelli Alexo Cuggiono facility the Metaline team. Metaline is a German company specialized in development and promotion of anti-abrasion and anti-erosion solutions.

MetaLine Series 700 – is a sprayable elastomeric based process for the professional protection of highly abused surfaces. It offers an outstanding resistance against impact, erosion, cavitation and scratching forces. Due to its sprayability our elastomeric coating is often less cost-intensive than rubber-lining – particularly on complex surfaces!


  • Seamless sprayable or castable
  • Meets FDA approvals - suitable for pharmaceutical and food applications
  • Extremely wear resistant - superior to steel in erosion/cavitation environments
  • Up to 600 % elongation - highly elastomeric
  • Sound deadening properties - up to 20 dB(A) reduction
  • Adheres to steel, stainless steel, alumina, epoxy, concrete
  • Solvent-free and non-toxic
  • Designed for field and “in-situ” use
  • Due to teflon-like surface structure non-stick properties
  • Far more durable than common epoxy/ceramic repair materials & linings

The processing and material system MetaLine 700 enables:

  • Cavitation protection on pumps or hydropower turbines
  • Abrasion protection on maritime propulsion systems
  • Heavy-duty corrosion protection for underwater applications
  • Foul-resistant coating on ship propellers
  • Rubbery camouflage coating on underwater and surface equipment
  • Erosion protection on fans
  • Impact protection for mechanical or pneumatic parts conveying
  • Scratch and marking protection on robot gripper arms and workpiece supports
  • Noise damping of automated assembly processes
  • Friction coating on load hooks or accessory equipment for forklift trucks
  • A lubricating non-stick covering for sticky conveying processes
  • Repair material for damaged rubber components
  • Fracture protection of sensitive bulk goods
  • Impact protection on chutes and pipe bends
  • Food-safe and pharmacy-grade lining
  • Electrical isolation of voltage-sensitive tools
  • Elastic sealing of flange surfaces
  • Highly pure, metal-free insulation coating for high-purity mineral production
  • Ductile sealing of concrete surfaces

All this is possible when synthetic elastomers with the correct softness, surface friction and coating thickness are expertly applied. 

Come visit us at OMC 2017 and IVS 2017 to learn more!

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Credits: Pictures courtesy of Metaline

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    Metaline 785 application on flange coupling
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    Fitting internal refurbishment with Metaline 785
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    Lining of impellers with Metaline 795
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