Blygold - Anticorrosion protection of HVAC Coils

Blygold - Anticorrosion protection of HVAC Coils

Impresa Donelli has signed a License Agreement in 2009 to establish a cooperation with Blygold International, a Dutch company renowned worldwide for its innovative solutions for the anti-corrosion protection of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Blygold Technologieshave provided for the last 35 years the HVAC/R industry a set of solutions to increase the life of systems as well as maintain their energy efficiency for the last 35 years. These have been used in prestigious residential buildings (i.e. Palm Island - Dubai), hotels (i.e. Holiday Inn), institutional buildings (i.e. European parliament), international airports (i.e. Heatrow Airport), cruise ships (Queen Mary II), trains (i.e. TGV), airlines (i.e. British Airways), museums (i.e. Louvre) and military bases (i.e. Pearl Harbour).

The wide range of Blygold products and services responds to all HVAC/R needs, including:

  • HVAC/R systems efficiency and reliability;
  • Resistance to aggressive acids (i.e. H2S), environments and climates (i.e. Polual XT is UV resistant);
  • Resistance to temperature (i.e. Polual XT High Temp is resistant up to 650°C);
  • Quality of air standards (i.e. Polual XT MB is specifically developed for hygienically sensitive environments such as hospitals and their surgery rooms).

Impresa Donelli, active since 1911,brings to the partnership technical competences and experience in the anti-corrosion business and in the civil/industrial maintenance.

Blygold Italia, leveraging on Impresa Donelli and other companies belonging to the Donelli Group, is capable of:

  • Coating new coils in the state of the art painting shops of Cuggiono (MI), Ravenna and Ortona (CH);
  • Carry out maintenance projects in existing systems in Italy and Malta.

The fit between the excellent Blygold products and the Donelli approach to corrosion issues has also allowed Blygold Italia to successfully propose new applications, such as its usage in two of the major Petrochemical Field Development projects.

In shop application is carried out by Blygold certified applicators under the supervision of Blygold qualified inspectors at Donelli Alexo S.r.l. facilities (Via F. Somma, 64 – Cuggiono, MI). Donelli Alexo and Impresa Donelli S.r.l.  share an ISO 9001 certified quality system.

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    PoluAl XT application of a coil
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    PoluAl XT application of a coil (detail)
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    PoluAl XT application completed on a batch of small coil
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    Coating of finned tubes with PoluAl High Temp

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