Press review

Le valvole italiane che fanno girare il mondo

Industrial Valve Summit 2017 interview

The pioneers of industrial innovation

Milano Finanza 15/12/2016 - Donelli amongst the companies leveraging on big data and process digitization for efficiency.

Donelli and the indsutry 4.0

Donelli Group looks at the industry 4.0 to improve the production processes.

Impresa Donelli - Maintenance of the Arrens penstock

Impresa Donelli achieve another complex goal with the successfully maintenance of the Arrens penstock.

S.W.O.C. Project - Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence

Horizon 2020: Donelli Alexo S.W.O.C. R&D project received the prestigious Seal of Excellence. Article published in ipcm®_Protective Coatings n. 18 (Vol. VI, June 2016, pp. 2-3. ©ipcm – All rights reserved /

The streets of Milan via a collection of postcards

Donelli is proud of having supported the publication dedicated to the city of Milan and done by Mr. Emilio Mazzocchi, published in 2015 and reviewed in 2016

Blygold International Newsletter - November 2014

The story of the millionth heat exchanger coated with Blygold technologies coated globally!

Blygold International Newsletter - October 2014

Blygold Italia has won the award for coating the 1.000.000th heat exchanger treated with Blygold International products and solutions!

Simulation in Orlù - Penstock evacuation exercise

"Simulation in Orlù - Penstock evacuation exercise", from Gazette Ariégeoise, 27/09/2013

The penstocks restored

"The penstocks restored" - from La Dépeche Hautes-Pyrénées, 12/09/2013 - Nota: Article in French

A large construction site and a human adventure

"A large construction site and a human adventure" - Note: article in French

Letter of appreciation Park of the Pyrenees

Letter of appreciation for having kept to the minimum the environmental impact in the national park - Note: Letter in French

Impresa Donelli's 100th anniversary

"Impresa Donelli's 100th anniversary", from La Martinella, 1/2-2012 - Article in Italian

Specialized solutions for HVAC equipment

"Impresa Donelli: Specialized solutions for HVAC equipment" from Largo Consumo, nr. 10, 2012 - Note: article in Italian

In Lombardy turbines at full speed thank to the network

"In Lombardy turbines at full speed thank to the network" from Il Sole 24 Ore dated 12 November 2012

Anticorrosion coatings resulting in energy saving

"Anticorrosion coatings resulting in energy saving", from La Metallurgia Italiana, Feb. 2012

Elios Project - Networking will save us. Actually, it will make us stronger

"Networking will save us. Actually, it will make us stronger", from La Provincia di Varese, 31/03/2011

Elios Project - Energy Group, Elios a tool for networking

"Energy Group, Elios a tool for networking", from Prealpina, 31/03/2011

Firms at OMC 2011

"Firms at OMC 2011", from Firms of Confindustria Ravenna, nr. 1, March 2011

Family and work prize

"APIL celebrates its 60° anniversary - Donelli awarded family and work prize", from La Martinella, 11-2011 - Article in Italian

JPCL 2011 Annual Directory

JPCL 2011 Annual Directory of Industrial Painting Contractors, Volume 28/Nr. 3, April 2011

Special anticorrosion linings and coatings

"Special anticorrosion linings and coatings", from Anticorrosione, nr. 70, 2010 - Note: article in Italian

Energy Cluster, an outstanding industrial cluster

"Energy Cluster, an outstanding industrial cluster", from Qualeimpresa, March/April 2010 - Note: article in Italian

Layer realizes an extraordinary scaffolding for EDF and Donelli

"Layer realizes an extraordinary scaffolding for EDF and Donelli", from FranceBTP, 29/10/2010 - Note: article in French

A resin meeting GMP directives

"A resin meeting GMP directives", from Bayer Comunica, June 2010 - Note: article in Italian

Donelli at EcoBizExpo, Tirana 2010

"Donelli, its first time in Albania", from Reporteri, nr. 72, May 2010 - Note: article in Albanian

New solutions for splash zone maintenance

"New Belzona solutions for splash zone maintenance", from Staffetta Quotidiana OMC 2009, Day 1 2009 - Note: article in Italian

Milan Central Station

"Milan Central Station", from Realtà Mapei, year 18 nr. 89, July 2008 - Note: article in Italian

Excellence in surface preparation and anticorrosion coatings

"Excellence in surface preparation and anticorrosion coatings at Donelli Alexo", from Anticorrosione, nr. 54, 2006 - Note: article in Italian

The bell tower at San Magno Cathedral

"The restoration of the San Magno Bell Tower has commenced", from Prealpina, 06/08/2004 and "The bell tower returned to Legnano", from Prealpina, 03/07/2005 - Note: articles in Italian

High tech walls - New headquarters of Torno Internazionale

"High tech walls", from Costruire, nr. 242, July-August 2003 - Impresa Donelli has painted the internals - Note: article in Italian

City of Music - Rome Auditorium

"City of Music", from edilizianews, April 2002 - Impresa Donelli has carried out the passive fire proofing of structures - Note: article in Italian

Impresa Donelli awarded the gold card

"Impresa Donelli awarded the gold card", from Prealpina, 05/11/1998 - Note: article in Italian

Milan-Linate Airport Multi-level Parking Lot

"Milan-Linate Airport Multi-level Parking Lot", from Botta e Mangiavacchi, 1991 - Impresa Donelli carries out the passive fire proofing of structures with intumescent paint - Note: article in Italian

The Rainbow Wall

"The Rainbow Wall", Comune di Vittuone, December 1988 - Impresa Donelli has painted the rainbow - Note: article in Italian